TEMSIG History of Technology, Museums, and Public History Special Interest Group

Minutes of TEMSIG Lunch Meeting

SHOT--Pittsburgh, October 17, 2009


Over a pleasant lunch, the four of us discussed several interrelated questions about museums, material culture, the history of technology, and the future of TEMSIG specifically. We developed a list of several items worth discussing, as well as areas for possible action by, or on behalf of, TEMSIG. In each case, we briefly discussed these items, but did so with a clear sense that these discussions over lunch should prompt questions and areas of inquiry, rather than attempt, at this early stage, to find solutions.

  1. Perhaps a change of name and/or focus for TEMSIG, to place greater emphasis on the material culture of technology
  2. Cultivate ongoing activity, not just one lunch a year
  3. Evolve into a cross-organization society/SIG, so that it can fit with other organizations such as the NCPH, AAM, etc.
  4. Using new technology to talk about the history of technology and material culture
  5. Encourage collaborations between SIG members and their respective institutions
  6. Material culture, museums, and the training of students, especially graduate students
  7. Suggest exhibits for review by T&C, TPH, etc. Perhaps develop specific suggestions for reviewing technology exhibits if appropriate.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Nystrom
October 26, 2009

[Posted to TEMSIG list March 8, 2010]